Whisper to save a secret message...
... share your whisper with only you-know-who!
Shhh, don't tell...


  • whisper your words to view & reply to messages.
  • stay in touch without exchanging email, phone numbers or any personal info.
  • easy to remember or hard to guess? "spanish kangaroo loves cupcakes"
  • whispers don't last forever

"Whispero helps me chat about things that matter, with those that matter.

It's online but anonymous.

I choose who to share my whisper with."

Anonymous (not verified)

"Fans tell me their whispers. At concerts, in hotels, from passing cars. 

Later on Whispero, I check out the cute ones ;-) 

Whispero is great to chat without swapping email or phone numbers."

Justin Bieber (not verified)

"Whispero is much safer than twitter to communicate with our worldwide secret agents. 

We can't be sure but we suspect Whispero is also being used by Mossad, CIA and MOIS." 

Jonathan Evans, Director General MI5 (not verified)

"We have thought it well to use Whispero to secretly converse with our subjects.

We shall, this day, award Whispero our Royal Warrant.  We are amused."

Queen Elizabeth II (not verified)
Valentine Special @ Whispero

Shhh! Don't tell...